Career Consulting

Today’s job market can be confusing, and selecting the right career may be challenging. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the labor market has experienced a major shift. To remain relevant and be successful in the job market, job seekers must make strategic changes. For example, at ReBrand.Me, we believe that the traditional resume is fast becoming a relic. It’s not quite there yet, so we will ensure that you have a resume and cover letter that stands out, but not before your LinkedIn profile and web resume are done. You see, we think you should let the recruiters find you. That’s what they are paid to do anyways!

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, unhappy, frustrated, or have just earned a new qualification and are not sure where to go from here? We can help. Our highly experienced career coaches will offer personalized advice to help you review your job search strategy, make better decisions, set better goals, and exploit your innate abilities. Ultimately, we will see to it that you obtain the job of your dreams, but more importantly, that you pursue a truly fulfilling career. Then, we will lead the rest of the world in celebrating your success!

We offer a wide range of services, including career counseling, LinkedIn profile development or redesign, web resume development, traditional resume, CV, and cover letter development, interview preparation, and more. When you need to unlock your full potential and feel empowered in your career, you should find the best coaching option for tackling your career obstacle. We will then work hard to provide the unique perspective you need and help you create an effective strategy that will lead you to success. Our experts will not rest until your inner shine is revealed.