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In life, you need a reliable guide to hold your hand at every stage of the journey. At OmniBios, we pride ourselves on being helpers and coaches. We have a team of experts who are the crème de la crème in their disciplines and are excited to lend a helping hand. From adolescence through senescence, grade school through grad school, our mission is to offer you the assistance you need.

From Adolescence to Senescence

Our services cater to various stages of the life course.

Tutoring for grade school and graduate students; research consulting for graduate students, academic researchers, and businesses; career consulting services for everyone, from fresh graduates to C-Suite executives; investment consulting for millennials and Gen X.

Tutoring Services

We provide personalized tutoring services to meet students’ different needs, from grade school through graduate school. Once you tell us where you need to improve, and your desired grade…Read More

Career Consulting

Today’s job market can be confusing, and selecting the right career may be challenging. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the labor market has experienced a major shift. To remain relevant and be successful in the job market…Read More

Research Consulting and Editing Services

When you need help with your dissertation, market, clinical, or pharmaceutical research, you should look no further than us. With our highly-trained…Read More

Investment Consulting

Planning your finances and financial future can help you live a fulfilling life both now and after retirement. However, making sound financial decisions that lead to growth can be tough. We are financial coaches and will teach you…Read More

Consultants Work From Anywhere

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were strong advocates for remote work and nothing has changed in that regard. We have mastered the art of virtual work and empower our Consultants to do the same. If you believe that flexible work arrangements should be the rule, not an exception, come give OmniBios a try!

Elite Tutoring Institute

Live to learn, learn to live.

Knowing is one thing, understanding is another, and teaching is yet another. We select our tutors based on their deep expertise in the subject matter and their training and experience in teaching that subject.


Bringing out your inner shine

Just like every pearl is the only one of its kind, each and every person has a  unique combination of characteristics, something we like to call their persona. At ReBrand.Me, we don’t make personas, we make them shine bright!

EpiStat-E Consulting

Transforming your data into impact!

From design to dissemination, it is critical that your research study is flawless. We are experts in designing and implementing diverse types of research studies. Academic research, clinical and pharmaceutical studies, market research, or just name it. 


Meet Our Leadership Team

Victor Popoola MD PhD(c)

Founder and CEO

Jennifer Torkelson MBA PMP

Chief Information Officer

Kattey Kattey MD MPH

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole Majchrzak PharmD

Chief Marketing Officer


How are you different from other service marketplaces?

We do not just connect buyers and sellers and hope that all goes well. We provide both with a guarantee. Customers can rest assured that the work will be top-notch and Consultants can focus on doing what they love, without worrying over whether or not they will get paid.

How does your quality guarantee work?

Guarantees are implemented on a case-by-case basis. If you believe that the work done by one of our consultants is subpar, please reach out to the Admin. We will work with you to revise the work, and if that fails, we will be happy to issue a full refund.

How are services priced?

We customize pricing per project. Factors that may influence how much you pay include the complexity of your project and the timeline you select.

How do I start receiving services?

It’s easy! Just click the “Sign-Up” button and the rest is history.

Can I cancel a task after making payment?

You can cancel any task within 6 hours of purchase but we charge a cancellation fee after the first occurrence.

Who can purchase a service?

We serve persons age 16 years and older, who reside in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Who do I contact if I am having issues?

Please reach out with any questions by submitting an inquiry via the contact form or via email to support@omnibios.com.

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